2024 Gathering on the Green
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We love Old South and here’s why:

  • Great neighbours who lend a hand, share plants, let you borrow a ladder and say hi when you walk by
  • Walk to art galleries, banks, bike shops, bookstores, churches, clothing shops, coffee shops, corner stores, dentists, doctors, garden centres, gift shops, groceries, hardware and housewares, inns, pet shops, pharmacies, restaurants, spas and salons, and our very own roadhouse with live music
  • Close to downtown: 30 minutes on foot, 10 minutes by bike, 5 minutes by car
  • Far enough away from downtown
  • Our own library complete with books, movies, computers, poetry nights, art exhibits and the OSCO room
  • Quick access to the beautiful Thames River and London’s extensive multi-use pathway system
    Gathering on the Green, soccer, dog-walking and hanging out on the Village Green
  • Distinct architecture, barker board and the historic Normal School building
  • Diversity, inclusivity and people from every culture and walk of life, including cat people, dog people and ferret people

Why do you love Old South?

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