Ron Nurse
You can find Ron Nurse regularly at the Little Red Roster with Charo, his yellow Labrador Retriever guide dog. Ron has volunteered on the OSCO board for 2 years.

What’s your favourite place in Old South?

The Wortley Roadhouse. I spend many Saturday nights listening to a variety of live music. I get to grab a beer or two and see if I get approached to dance and have chats with neighbours.  
You just found a magic wand. What 3 things would you change about Old South this instant?

1. I would like to hear that the construction on Ridout Street was finally done.

2. I would like the LTC to have the current bus routes (Westmount and Oxford East) be broken up with one route going down Ridout and the other coming down Wortley Road.

3. I would put more money into sidewalk snow removal and audible street crossings. These things would not only help me, as a blind person, but would people in wheelchairs, elderly persons and people who walk downtown, amongst others with mobility problems.

What’s your vision for Old South?

I like the sense of public activities being a focus here on Wortley Road, the main drag, and would like to hear more concert-type events being held.

The Wortley Road Business Association has an oppourtunity to show how our great residential and business district can be a model for how we work together. Other areas of the city, for example Byron and Hyde Park, have large residential and business districts and they could have what we’ve got here in the Village if they worked on it.

What is OSCO’s role in the community?

OSCO helps neighbours keep up on community events, talks on our behalf when it comes to issues at city hall and offers information sessions on issues that affect Wortley Village, such as construction on Ridout St.

What challenges face OSCO and Old South?

As London grows (population nearing 400,00) we may loose our sense of that “small town” feeling inside a large city.

What do you do for employment?

I do volunteer work at the CNIB. I chair our local Access Project Team and am the contact person for the Tuesday morning Men’s coffee group.

What stores do you frequent on Wortley Road?

In addition to the Wortley Roadhouse, I aget my hair cut at Naj Hair Studio and have lunch at the Roaster a number of times a month. I should also say the staff at ValuMart, Canada Trust and the Landon library are always good people to help and talk to.

Do you have any secrets you would like to share with our readers?

Harvest Bakery sells some great butter tarts (when available) and the Black Walnut has some pretty good butter tarts as well.

I sometimes buy myself a flower at Sacred Garden. I am currently single and think single guys shouldn’t be afraid to show their romantic side.

I like to grab a dog treat and a cup of coffee and go over to Thames Park to listen to the trees and the flow of the river.

I quite often walk down Wortley Road at noon and Saturday nights and hear my neighbours saying hi or hanging around. I think this is nice to hear.

If any of you ever run in to me, don’t be afraid to approach me and say hi, maybe I might even go for coffee with ya’!

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